APEX files CBD Novel Foods Submission

Apex White Label files Novel Foods submission.

As of April this year, all CBD brands sold in the UK must have a compliant product as per the latest regulations set out by the Food Standards Agency. All companies that are selling edible CBD products are legally required to have a valid Novel Foods License to carry on selling in the UK marketplace.

This guidance has been set out by the FSA to ensure consumer safety. CBD products in general are a relatively new area for many manufacturing businesses. The FSA has a duty to ensure consumer safety and to make certain that businesses within this sector consider it a priority.

This new legislation and the focus on consumer safety is steering the industry towards a much more developed and mature industry than it was 48 months ago. Manufacturing of CBD products from hemp crop to bottle on the shelf is now more transparent and well understood than ever before. Brands and companies producing sub standard or even illegal product will have no place in the market and the hard work of those businesses that strive for a safer CBD market will benefit immeasurably.

Our submission brings in products for both CBD Isolate and Broad Spectrum Oils, Gummies and Capsules which form a significant part of our work in CBD production. We’re also working with water dispersible products for drinks that will be enrolled into the submission.

Novel Foods is the starting pistol on a new chapter in the CBD industry, a safety framework that big retail and big e-commerce can really stand behind. Something the industry has sorely lacked in the past 4 years.

Apex White Label will be continuing to update clients as the submission moves through the various stages and we get feedback from the FSA. Initial feedback to the submission from the extract provider was well received in early January.

We have to thank our internal head of Compliance David Wood and the team at ADACT Medical who have been enormously supportive during the process of preparing for Novel Foods. Without the team there it would have been a much more complex and uncertain path towards Novel Foods and overall FSA compliance.

We are still actively taking on white label clientele here at Apex White Label, with a wide range of CBD and supplement products on hand. Your brand can benefit from a huge range of items as well as bespoke creation plus our in house branding, graphics and logistics services. If you have a project you’d like to explore, you can reach us with the below contact form.

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