Apex Team Grows with Chief Compliance Officer & Head of Marketing

Apex Team Grows with Chief Compliance Officer & Head of Marketing

Business Growth

Development of a business can come in many forms, often for us as a manufacturing and private label supplier, it can be seen in machinery or product development to support both our own needs and those of our diverse pool of clients.

Recently however, it’s come in the form of a much more valuable resource, industry leading professionals. Two new hires are allowing us to move to the next level in terms of our capabilities and professionalism, allowing us to develop more bespoke and creative formulations.

This will be spearheaded with our new ‘Chief Compliance Officer’ David Wood, who brings 30+ years of manufacturing expertise, systems design as well as production planning with customers and an in-depth knowledge of the accreditations for food manufacturing businesses. Formerly of ADACT medical, David has worked for substantial companies both in and out of the CBD sector, giving him a foot in both camps for our white label clientele who want to blend across both areas seamlessly.

David has worked with market leading brands to bring formulas to market that have become staple items in many peoples health and wellness routines. David will be continuing that work within Apex White Label.

Within CBD, David will be supporting our work with Novel Foods, ensuring our processing and documentation is maintained and enhanced as our capabilities develop over the coming months and years. You can read more about our work around Novel Foods here.

David Wood, Chief Compliance Officer

Craig Holmes, Head of Marketing & Design

Within the non technical side of the business, we have been growing our reach and developing our in house retail brands through their online presence, the next stage is to up the ante with a more focused and developed view on marketing and client support. This opened up a role to lead the marketing and creative side of the business for the various facets of our business.

Craig Holmes, a 20 year marketing specialist has stepped into the role of Head of Marketing & Design for Apex White Label and the partnership brands, this role will be part internal support, part client focused support. Working with key white label clients to improve their marketability and drive further sales growth for their brands.

Craig has worked with some prestigious retail brands and e-commerce companies both inside and outside of the health products sector. He’s recently coming in from a period of freelance consulting work for various brands to focus on our diverse and growing offering to clients.

What’s next?

The next stage of our growth is the commissioning of the new manufacturing facility in North Lincolnshire, this is due for completion in late February, we will be showcasing the development as things progress in the next few weeks.

This new home will provide us with a more suitable base of operations for the scale we work at currently whilst giving us ample room to develop the various avenues of the business that we’re working towards. This new facility will be working towards GMP and ISO accreditations with the help of our Chief Compliance Officer, David Wood.

To find out more about our white label, contract packing and consultancy services please feel free to get in touch below.

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