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This page provides help with the most commonly asked questions about Apex White Label and the services we provide to our clients.
Brand value is one of the most important aspects of any business, the reasoning and creative elements behind a product are in many cases just as important as the products themselves. If you have a unique marketplace proposition or particular style that you wish to follow, creating your own brand would see you far better than trying to resell and existing brand. You can attribute greater value of those products to your audience and create your own marketplace, rather than simply taking a slice as products move through the chain.As a brand itself, you also have less restrictions, RRP’s and branding decisions taken by the overarching brand may not sit well with your desired audience as a reseller, white label puts you firmly in control of all aspects of your product, marketing and sales channels.Owning the brand can see you catapult forward in a short space of time compared to a reseller. If you are able to generate great interest in your brand, the upsides are dramatically different for you as the brand owner, rather than simply selling another businesses product.
No, in the most simple of terms. However, it’s also worth baring in mind that the more creative and unique you want your products to be, the more time and effort it’s going to take to create those products. You can feasibly start a brand with a simple range of white labelled product with less than £1000 in product spend. It all comes down to your preferences and desires as to what you want from your products.We have seen businesses start with less than £2000 initial spend and go on to sell into multi million pound retailers within 18 months, it’s all feasible – with a little support along the way!
Yes we certainly can, we have an in house graphics team who can provide all the necessary support for product packaging, graphics, POS literature and materials. We have established links with print houses and packaging manufacturers who can support SME’s with sensible order volumes and excellent support services.
Not at this stage, as a white label producer we focus on the creation of great products and helping you bring them to market. We aren’t a specialised distribution facility and we have no desire to become one, we can however recommend various wholesalers who offer some of our partners drop shippable products. Alternatively if you’re looking to have product made by us and sent to a fulfilment centre for a hands off approach, we can ship it to any number of flexible distribution centres for regional/national dispatch who are well set up to support new brands and SME style operations.
Pick a time and date on our online calendar for a suitable slot, we will confirm that appointment for you via email and one of the team will be in touch to discuss what your business needs from a white label provider.

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