Creating a private label tea business in the UK

Healthy tea, how can your start up get into this high growth market?


With 4750 years of intricate and interesting history behind it, tea is a staple all around the globe, In fact I’m sat writing this article with a cup of first flush Darjeeling. Given it’s rich history, tea brands have found it hard to innovate away from those ingrained origin stories and historical, almost regal marketing campaigns.

More recently a new breed of tea brand has begun to forge it’s path in the antiquated tea marketplace, the health tea. vibrant, colourful, well flavoured and packed with unique ingredients touting particular health and wellness benefits. Stark contrast from the incumbent brands that have long dominated the space.

These brands aren’t competing on price, they’re competing on their own terms, creating their own market and it’s a market that is vastly more accessible than trying to pitch a competitive product against the likes of Tetley or PG tips. Appealing to a more health aware consumer than those that came before. This modern consumer is going to be responsible for huge growth in the market over the next few years. The tea market is anticipated to grow at just under 5% year on year between now and 2025, 5% may sound fairly meagre, but the industry is worth roughly £65Bn annually. With over £3Bn in new growth each year, there’s plenty to share around. As you can imagine, much of this growth is anticipated to come from the herbal/ health tea sector as generational shifts in consumer buying habits take a firmer hold.

Brands like TEA+ and Tea Pigs have developed ranges of specific blends focused in this niche and done very well from it, but is this a marketplace for only large players? Can a start up create a range of health conscious teas and make a viable go at entering the marketplace?

With the advent of direct to consumer marketing online and the ease in which consumers can now receive products, it’s never been easier for a tea brand to launch and gain real traction with a new customer base whilst keeping scale fairly small, all you really need is to understand a niche for your product that has real value and enjoyment for the people within it. Then look to partner with a tea producer who can deliver exactly what you want, one who looks at what tea products can be in the future, rather than what tea products have been in the past.

How can you create a white label tea range? Simple, speak to Apex White Label – our senior management team have worked with a wide range of unique tea creations for a mixture of small and large companies with products going into the likes of Harrods and Holland & Barrett. Starting from just a few kilos, we can get a minimum viable product off the ground for you with support on branding, logo creation, label and packaging and of course, tea and product pairings.

We have access to some of the UK’s best tea brokers and specialist blenders who support us in selecting and sourcing the very best tea for your products.

If you want to discuss a white label tea range, fill out the contact form below and we will be in touch to arrange a complimentary, no obligation consultation call with one of our team.

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